On The Road with CPT

The word “foodie” didn’t always exist. Though I’ve always had a profound love of food, it’s only been within the last decade or so that I started following James Beard Awards, Michelin stars, and chef-driven restaurant openings. While growing up, I have great memories of new and exciting meals while vacationing with my family. In particular, I remember visiting my mom’s family on the west coast, and getting to experience new restaurants and cuisines. But it’s [embarrassingly?] thanks to Top Chef that I started following the big guns of the culinary world. Keller. Ripert. Boulud. Achatz. And now, the likes of Brock, Patterson, Humm, and Silverman.

So now when my wife and I start to get ready for an out of town trip, I start prepping early. Yes, I love to do research on hotels and site seeing…but the most meticulous planning goes into where to eat. New restaurants…prominent or up-and-coming chefs…different neighborhoods. There’s a good bit of background – local newspaper reviews, blogs, and big sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp – are all go-to resources. I’m a huge fan of keeping tabs on big chefs, but just as interested in hearing about the spots that locals head to. I try to take in all these sources into account when narrowing our choices; after all, the trips all sadly come to an end too quickly.

Given the planning, I’ve kept some decently detailed notes on the various cities that we’ve traveled over the last four-plus years. So in the future, in addition to our normal restaurant reviews, the blog will feature posts on several U.S. cities and our favorite places to eat there. With that, we’re excited to introduce On the Road with Chew, Party of Two!