Before We Get Started…(The Rating System)

Before we get started with the reviews, let’s take a minute to go over the rating system that the blog will be using. Each restaurant will be given an overall star rating between 1 (*) and 4 (****) stars. The star rating is based on my reactions to the food, the service, and the experience at the restaurant.

1 star (*) – Average / Satisfactory

2 stars (**) – Good 

3 stars (***) – Very Good / Excellent

4 stars (****) – Outstanding

In addition to the star rating, some of the topics that the blog will make note of are atmosphere (the environment and feel of the establishment), noise level (how loud, or on rare occasion, how soft the volume of the restaurant), recommended dishes (any must haves or stand out portions of the meal), and reservations (whether they are advised and/or accepted). Finally, the reviews will include a cost assessment for 2 diners (without tax and tip):

$ – $25 and under

$$ – $25 to $50

$$$ – $50 to $100

$$$$ – $100 to $150

$$$$$ – $150 and above

Out of Town Reviews: Since this blog is coming along so late in my gastronomical adventures, there are numerous restaurants that I’ve traveled to throughout the United States (given my love of food, I’m sad to report that I’ve yet to make a trip abroad to eat). Every once and a while I’d love to write about some of those food adventures, but because they’ll be based off my recollection, there won’t be a star rating, unless I’ve been there in the past 3-4 months.

So…with that out of the way…let’s get this thing started!