Hello World!

Not too long ago, after drafting an email detailing my favorite restaurants, bars, and eateries for a friend traveling out of town, my wife came to me with a suggestion: start a food blog. She pointed to both my love of food…and my sometimes (always) long-winded narratives. So, with that little push, I’ll be bringing my takes on all things food.

Born and raised in Maryland, it’s really been the last 6-7 years of my life where I’ve had a healthy(??) obsession for researching, reading, and exploring the great restaurants around the country. I love the immediate news that Eater has to offer; the passion for the DC food scene that Tom Sietsema brings to The Washington Post; and the prestige that Michelin stars provide to restaurants. I read blogs, reviews, and food news as often as I can: both as a chance to learn about new places and to figure out where invest my [unfortunately] finite resources. While not a replacement for those resources, I hope you use this blog as an assist in the never ending search for great meals!

Because I still live in my home state, a lot of the focus will be on the DC-MD-VA area. But with trips to top eating destinations like Charleston, New Orleans, and San Francisco within the past year and a half, I have plenty of thoughts on some tasty spots around the country.  I also love to experiment with new recipes at home…which [usually] result in delicious creations. So I’ll be sharing some recipes here and there, as well.

Looking forward to the many meals to come!


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